When most people think about football, they think of the North American version, where the sport is incredibly popular and broadcast all over the world. Canada, however, has its own football league, known as the Canadian Football League, which boasts the same amount of competition and exhilaration for fans and bettors alike as the American leagues.

The Canadian Football League is the highest level of professional football available in Canada, and hosts the biggest football events in the country. Teams are split into nine, each one from a different city, who compete in a series of events, until an annual winner is declared.

The popularity of the events hosted by the CFL has given rise to an equally popular betting scene, and as online bookmakers have spread around Canada, bettors have more opportunity than ever to get involved in betting on the CFL.

Betting on The CFL: Types of Common Bets

There are a fair number of bets available to make use of when it comes to betting on the CFL, and at the end of the day, it is up to what suits the bettor the most. The amount of choice means that bets range from straightforward and simple, to extremely complex and time-consuming. Newer bettors should first understand how the most basic bets work in order to increase their chances of winning when betting on The CFL.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are the bread and butter of all Northern American sports, and make up the largest percentage of bets that bettors take out during events. As simple as they come, a moneyline bet is an outright result wager, where the bettor puts down money on which they believe will win a game. Simple, easy to understand, and with lower risk than some other bets, moneylines are the perfect way to get started.

Spread Bets

Spread bets require a little more knowledge of the game and the teams involved, and inherently carries a little more risk than a moneyline bet, but it also offer some of the most exciting horse betting around. Instead of betting on a team winning, a bettor will instead wager on how much a team will win by. This is almost as popular as moneyline wagers while betting on the CFL, and allows a natural progression for those that want to further their winning opportunities.

Prop Bets

A specialized form of wager, prop bets vary from site to site, and the exact criteria of a prop bet will always be determined by the bookmaker offering it. The criteria in question can range from anything, including betting on a team winning a certain amount of games during a season, or betting on how many yards a player will run during a game. With more risk comes more reward, and prop bets are perfect for those that are bored of the more common types that bookies offer.

With some research and the right bookmaker, bettors will be able to start betting on the CFL at their earliest convenience. Bettors will find plenty of choice online, and it’s important to keep an eye out for all the major events that the CFL throws every year.