Alien Supernova is an online slot by Quickspin, a software developer based in Sweden. This is one of Quickspin’s newest additions to the online slot market, and while it is relatively simple in many ways, there are some key differences that set it apart. Upon first observation, the slot looks like a straightforward 3 reel machine with very limited paylines, where in actual fact there are up to 27 available paylines.

One of the aspects of Alien Supernova that sets it apart from most other online slots are the secondary reels that can be activated during gameplay. This essentially turns the slot into a 5 reel machine, making Alien Supernova a hybrid of both 5 reel and 3 reel. The game is available to play online for free across a number of online bingo casino websites. Players wanting to try and earn some real money can find the same game offered for real money from reputable sites alongside the free version. The rules of the game, the value of symbols, and the possibly combinations can be found upon selecting the paytable button.

Alien Supernova Gameplay

Gameplay of Alien Supernova is simple and entertaining, and the secondary set of reels makes it a unique edition to the genre. First and foremost are the symbols in the game, which are a mixture of alien imagery that resembles atoms and molecules, to space-related images.

The total bet is the first selection players will want to look at before starting a game of Alien Supernova. Players can choose the wager amount to their preference, and this will be the amount used for spins unless changed, which can be done at any time. There are a few more options that players can tweak to get the game to their liking, such as a fast play option, and the autoplay function. The autoplay will allow the player to set the game on an automated mode, where spins will start automatically.

Once the reels have been started, players will immediately notice that all the symbols are animated well, which adds a nice touch to the overall theme of the game. Alien Supernova will be especially popular for those who are fans of science fiction, such as the Star Wars series.

Alien Supernova Second Reels

Most of the wins the players will land will be on the main three reels, due to the fact that these are the reels that are constantly active. The second set of reels can be activated every time a win is landed on the main reels. The secondary reels will become highlighted, and begin spinning. Players have a chance of landing either a multiplier of 2x, 3x, or 5x, which is added to the total bet. If a black hole is landed on, the player receives nothing and the round comes to and end, after which the main 3 reels will become active once again.

Alien Supernova Verdict

Alien Supernova is a solid slot that adds unique gameplay with the secondary set of reels. Though there is no bonus content to speak of, players looking for a simple and enjoyable slot will be happy with Alien Supernova.