With a maximum bet of 150 coins, the Once Upon A Time online slot has a maximum jackpot of 2,500 coins that can be won. As with most other online slot games, players need to be aware of exactly what is required in order for them to be eligible to claim these big wins. Importantly, you will need to place the maximum bet, and make sure that all of the win lines have been activated. The fairly standard setup of 5 reels and 30 paylines means that anybody can start playing this game and will be able to use their normal playing strategy without too many added complications.

The maximum bet in Once Upon A Time online slots is 150 coins. With a coin value that can be set anywhere between $0.05 and $1, players have the option of going all out for the big win on every single spin, or otherwise placing much smaller bets, and trying to win smaller amounts on a more consistent basis. Whatever your strategy for playing this particular online slot, the bonus features that are on offer might be as much of an attraction as the main jackpot prize itself.

Bonus Features in Once Upon A Time

The Dragon Wild symbol is the first bonus on offer in the Once Upon A Time online slot. This particular Dragon Wild symbol will only ever show up at the top of the 3rd game reel. However, when it does land on the reel, it will blow out a blast of fire, and the whole reel will become wild, thereby creating a range of potential new winning combinations.

The next Once Upon A time bonus feature is the crazy goblin free spins that are available. If at least three of the wooden tree house symbols are landed on any of the active paylines, the feature will be activated. As the name suggests, free spins are a free way to get more winning opportunities. On paylines one, or two, or three, if you are able to land the knight symbol right next to the princess symbol, you will instantly receive a cash prize. All you have to do is try to get the two symbols to land next to each other, and the cash prize will be yours.

Once Upon A Time Gold Symbols

The Sacks of Gold symbols in the Once Upon A Time online slots Australia will trigger a different bonus feature, if you are able to land at least three of them next to each other on any of the active paylines for that spin. The game here is quite simple.

You will have a choice of weapons, and you have to do your best to defeat the dragon. If you do, and depending on how well you do, you will receive better and better prizes. You might get better at the mini game the more times you are able to play it. Other than that, players can refer to the paytable that comes with the game, and you can read up on what the best symbol winning combinations are. Some symbols offer higher payouts than others.