Microgaming Review

Microgaming online games are extremely popular in the Philippines, so the company is largely already well known. Their slot games are second to none, boasting incredible graphics and amazing soundtracks, and their table game adaptations are acclaimed as some of the best currently available. For those Pilipino not familiar with the company, however, here is a Microgaming review to bring you up to speed.

Slot Games

The Thunderstruck slot game franchise has a passionate fan base, and no Microgaming review would be complete without mentioning it. Based on Norse mythology, including the infamous Thor and his brother Loki, Thunderstruck transports players to a universe of magic and adventure. The reels come alive with dazzling special effects, and winning a jackpot is nothing short of a special effects extravaganza. If you have not yet played the Thunderstruck slot games, there is no time like the present. You will not be disappointed.

Next in the Microgaming review is Terminator 2, a slot game that may be starting to see its age, but one that still delivers an excellent game play experience. The Terminator, of course, is a machine sent from the future to kill John Connor, as far as the movie goes. In The Terminator 2 one robot is sent to protect John as another tries again to murder him. The result is a killer machine conflict that still remains one of the most celebrated action movie events in history. The Microgaming slot version of Terminator 2 aims to capture the frenetic energy o the movie, and does so remarkably well.

Immortal Romance is another slot game popular in the Philippines. It is a game not based around lightening Gods or killer robots, but rather vampires. Immortal Romance was released during the peak popularity of vampires, around the time Twilight was a worldwide phenomenon, and aims to portray the bloodsuckers as romantic figures as apposed to horrifying ones. The pokies games in NZ gained instant popularity with fans, and is still considered a classic to this day. With scores of beautiful and handsome vampires to behold, Immortal Romance is especially popular with young adult players.

Table Games

Any Microgaming review will be sure to mention the many popular slot games created by the company, but some tend to overlook that Microgaming has also created a score of successful table game adaptations. Microgaming roulette is one of the most popular, featuring a fully rendered 3D roulette wheel, an extremely user friendly betting system, and compatibility with all play devices. Furthermore, the game can be played for free.

Last in the Microgaming review, but certainly not the least in terms of quality, is Microgaming blackjack. With amazing attention to detail and outstanding ambience, this online adaptation of classic blackjack is nothing short of amazing. Players will feel as if they have been transported to a real world casino, only without the annoyances of having to find parking or hope that a seat is available. Jump in now and try it out for yourself. All Microgaming games are available to play via your preferred play device, including mobile phone or tablet.