The basic principle governing UK internet bingo sites is very similar to that of the games played in land-based bingo halls around the globe, except that, instead of a person selecting numbers from a bingo for money machine and calling them out, a computer is responsible for the job. The other main difference is that players are not required to mark the cards off themselves, although some sites allow them to do this if they wish to, and the computer system automatically daubs the players’ tickets and claims any wins that may have been incurred.

The Details on Internet Bingos Play

In order to start enjoying internet bingos, players will need to decide on a site at which to do so; register for a new account at it; and then proceed to make a real money deposit into their new accounts by means of one of the banking methods provided for.

There are also methods by which players are able to enjoy complimentary games, the most popular of which being the no deposit bonus. This welcome offer allows new players to start playing their games at once, without having to wait for any money to clear and appear in their new accounts, and, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the deal, they will be able to hold on to the winnings they may incur during these first few games.

The next step is picking a game –there are many different rooms available at sites offering internet bingos, and each of these will be able to offer the player a different variation of game. English players, for example, may be able to choose from a room running a 10p 75-ball game, or a 2p 80-ball bingo game. Choosing a room is easy to do, and it is up to the player to decide which game and stakes he or she wishes to play. These choices can include:

  • 90-ball bingo featuring 15 numbers over three rows, five numbers per row. Prizes are available for one line; two lines; and a full house
  • 80-ball bingo, with 16 numbers arranged in a square. There are a number of different prize formats for this type of bingo, most frequently based on the lines for the game
  • 75-ball bingo, which has 24 numbers laid on a square with a free square, or star, set in the middle. Prizes for this game are awarded when players complete lines or make set patterns on their ticket, although this will vary from game to game

Every one of the above games makes use of a varying amount of balls, and is played by means of a different type of internet bingos card. Most online rooms only provide players with one type of game, but there are several around which will allow for more variations and alternate between these.

It’s All About Players’ Choice

Once players have chosen an internet bingos room and game, he or she will need to purchase tickets. The total amount of these is a personal choice –players are able to purchase as few or as many as they wish to, as long as this number stays within the limits set by the room or site. The majority of rooms have a minimum ticket amount of one, and a maximum of between 12 and 48.