Texas Holdem Low Limit Online Poker

Texas Holdem is arguably the best known and most loved of all poker variants and Texas Holdem Low Limit is the low-stakes version of this game created by Net Entertainment.

Ideal for beginners, Texas Holdem Low Limit combines the less intimidating player-vs-dealer Texas Holdem format with very low table limits to keep the game relatively simple and safe. This allows inexperienced players to ease into real money online pokies without there being too much risk involved as they get to know the ins and outs of the game.

Poker Stakes for Beginner Pockets

There’s a reason why high-limit poker tables in land-based casinos are kept in VIP rooms – only really rich people or serious thrill-seekers can afford that kind of risk.

Texas Holdem Low Limit poker, by contrast, has far lower table limits, making the game accessible to a broader spectrum of players and considerably reducing the amount of risk that they have to take. In NetEnt’s Texas Holdem Low Limit poker, the betting starts at a very low 0.10 credits. Just how low this is becomes apparent when one considers that wagering in high-limit games often only starts at 25.00 credits and can increase exponentially as the game progresses.

This makes Texas Holdem Low Limit poker a very good choice for inexperienced players or anybody who isn’t comfortable to part with too much of their hard-earned cash. Although higher stakes can mean bigger wins, they can also bring about equally large losses.

How Texas Holdem Low Limit Works

Texas Holdem Low Limit games begin with the player placing an ante bet, following which two face-up cards are dealt to the player and two face-down cards go to the dealer. Based on the values of their cards, Texas Holdem Low Limit players must then decide how to proceed by attempting to estimate the likelihood that they have a better hand than the dealer does.

A player who holds a strong hand may want to call in order to proceed with the game, whereas those with clearly weak hands may have to fold.

If players opt to continue, there are three more Texas Holdem Low Limit rounds – each of which will require them to make new decisions about their cards and their wagers – through which they must pass. In order, these Texas Holdem Low Limit rounds are known as the Flop, the Turn and the River.

The Importance of Player Skill

Part of the reason why players should start with something fairly safe like Texas Holdem Low Limit poker is that it takes time to get your head around all the various poker hand rankings and betting procedures. Once a player has mastered these, their ability to make smart poker decisions and accurately read their opponent’s poker faces becomes much greater.

Try NetEnt Texas Holdem for Free First

For players who feel that they are not even experienced enough to take on Texas Holdem Low Limit poker yet, there is free play.

All good NetEnt casinos allow players to try their games – including Texas Holdem Low Limit poker – for free until they feel ready to wager some real money. Although there is no jackpot up for grabs in free Texas Holdem Low Limit poker, it is a great way to familiarise oneself with the game without taking any real risks.

The Net Entertainment Professional Poker Series

Texas Holdem Low Limit is part of Net Entertainment’s Professional Series of online casino table games. Games in this series are distinguished by their high-quality 3D graphics and card animations as well as features created with a VIP experience in mind.