For anyone who enjoys spending an hour or two deciding which way to wager on their favoutie sports, or whose mind has wandered towards dreams of strijung it rich and never having to set foot in their day jobs again, this guide is for you.

We’ve put together a number of sports betting tips – which we’ve gathered from pro bettors – about how they’ve made their money doing what they love best.

Matched Betting

For anyone who wants to start out with sports betting as a career, pro bettors recommend starting off with matched betting. The way that matched bets work is that bettors bet on all possible outcomes of a sporting match. In this way, they are guaranteed to make some money.

To illustrate this, a sports match will have three possible outcomes:

  • Win,
  • Lose, and
  • Tie

If a bettor were to place money on all of these outcomes, he or she would be guaranteed to make a return.

Another example of a matched bet is where an online sportsbooks offer free bets in order to attract people to sign up. Should you win on these bets, you are able to turn these winnings into cash. People who have been successful at matched betting win big u=by taking advantage of these types of bonuses.

Value betting

Value bettors are experts in a particular sport. They even outrank the bookies’ knowledge. As such, they can analyse a match, who is competing in a match and predict – with a great degree of certainty – what the outcome of said match is. As they can predict the outcome and bet on this, they can make a lot of money from this.

Arbitrage betting

This type of betting, according to pro bettors, is a risk-free method of betting. It is a bit complicated to describe so it’s best explained by making use of an example.

Say, for example, Venus Williams is playing Serena Williams in a tennis match. Both have 2 – 0 odds of winning. So, if you were to place $100 on Venus winning and $100 on Serena winning, you will make a profit. This is what arbitrage betting is all about.

Sports trader

A sports trader uses pretty much the same system as stockbrokers do. So, instead of trading stocks and bonds, sports traders trade sports bets. Just as stock becomes more valuable when more people buy it, so sports bets become more valuable when more and more people make the same bet.

To really succeed in sports betting, all pro bettors agree. You need to have a plan that governs how to place bets because if you haphazardly place bets, you could end up losing a lot of money as your efforts aren’t concentrated. Above all else, remember that if you want to choose the life of a pro bettor, you have to enjoy sports betting to start off with. If you don’t, you won’t do well in this line of work.