AFL stand for the Australian Football League: “Aussie Rules football”, as it’s known to almost everyone outside Australia, and called simply “footy” more often than not inside the country. It’s a fast-moving game similar in many respects to Gaelic football, featuring four goalposts at each end instead of the two found in most other football variants.

Because AFL is played on a large oval field, it tends to take over Australian cricket grounds throughout the southern hemisphere winter. The culmination of the season, the AFL Grand Final, traditionally takes place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground every year. One of the most popular sports in Australia, AFL also offers online and mobile betting enthusiasts several options.

Head To Head Betting

A head to head bet is the simplest type to place. You are betting purely that one team will beat another; other details like the total points tally or the winning margin are not relevant. Bookmakers will set odds on head to head bets according to which is reckoned the stronger team. If you bet $10 on the Collingwood Magpies to win at 2-1 and the ’Pies do win, your profit will be $20.

Margin And Line Betting

Margin betting is a bit more complex: the bookmaker offers a better return on the bet if the team wins by a specified margin. So, if you have a bet on with a margin of 30 points, for instance, and your team wins by between 1 and 29 points, you might win, say, $2.50. But a win by 30 points or more could be worth $25.00 or more.

Line betting is stricter: it specifies that the favourite team must win by a certain minimum number of points before the bet pays out. In effect, it is a handicapping system for stronger teams.

Over/Under And Parlay Bets

An over/under bet is a prediction that the total number of points scored in a match will be either over or under a named point tally, no matter which side wins. The tally varies according to the teams involved.

Parlay or accumulator betting involves a series of matches, in which the winnings for one bet become the stake for the next one. If a sequence of parlay bets pays off, they can be most rewarding.

Live Betting

As with most sports, punters can place these and other bets before an AFL match starts, but they also have in-play betting options while the game is under way. Live betting opens up the world of props bets, too.

Instead of just betting on the result, you can also bet on specific events happening, or not happening in a game. Will a certain player be penalised for a certain infraction, as he has been for the last four matches in a row? Will this team be unable to score any more points in this quarter?

These and other propositions can cover all sorts of possibilities, ranging from the number of points scored by an individual player to the team finishing with the fewest penalties. All these possibilities can be wagered on in live betting.