We all know the old images of men in hats standing next to the race course or sports field, placing bets on their favourite until a few minutes before the game is done, when betting is closed. Even though this image is classic, it is also completely outdated. Fear not, we have entered a time in the world where all this can now be done online.

Sports Betting at Your Finger Tips

With laptops and smartphones already geared up to allow you to gamble online, it was only a matter of time before the sport betting industry would follow the example. No longer do you have to drag yourself out of bed and get dressed with painted flags on your cheeks, to go to your nearest sports field. You simply have to log on open your laptop or swipe on your phone.

Logging on to bet on your favourite sport offers you more than just the simple convenience of doing it at home. You can view and monitor local trends in the game. See who are the favourites. View the results of previous games and even log onto ESPN to get to know the team and what they are capable of. Following an online track record, you are placed in control of who you want to bet on based off of past statistics.

In the day of old you were limited to place your bets based on the odds that the bookie could and would give you. Now with online sports betting you are in control of this and can monitor the odds yourself, all based off of a careful track record that is being kept of the previous matches and players in the match. The entire system has been computerised for your convenience.

No Tickets to Get You In

Probably the biggest upside to all of this is that you no longer have to spend your hard-earned money to go to your favourite sports field to watch the game and place your bets. You can sit on your couch and simply log onto which ever sport it is that you wish to place your bets on. Anywhere in the world. The advantage of this is that you can follow your regular favourite sport as well as sports that may have never thought of following, like golf.

Not only can you explore your sports betting horizons without having to buy a ticket to go to the event, but due to the marvel of technology, you can log into more than one different sport at the same time and place your bets on all of them. And yes, some even allow you to place those bets up until the last minute, as if you were really there.

Best of all, is that these online sports betting platforms have created to be simplistic and easy to understand with a compatibility for just about any laptop, tablet or smartphone. Even that old man with his hat can now bet on his favourite from the comfort of his own home.