For hard-hitting, uniquely Australian sporting action, the AFL delivers on all counts. The Aussie Rules Football League has entertained Australia since 1897 with its world-class athletes competing in this one of a kind competition.

With 18 team representing 5 of the 6 Australian states, AFL offers huge potential for online sports wagering. The rich cultural tradition of the game only adds to the experience of wagering on the games.

To get in on the online sports betting action, you need to become a member of a betting site by registering a player profile. It is a simple process but will open up a world of convenience and rewards.

The Premiership And Sports Betting

From here the 23 round Premiership season starts, which is where the most exciting sports betting takes place.

The AFL season starts with a series of practice matches called the NAB Challenge. It features all 18 clubs competing between February and March.

Sports bettors can use online sites to make a whole range of different wagers on these competitions. You can make singles bets on a specific team or you can make use of spread bets to wager on season matches.

The Unique AFL Events

There are a few unique and special matches on the AFL Calendar. One of the biggest events is the ANZAC day clash between Collingwood and Essendon, two of the oldest teams in the league with hundreds of seasons in the league racked up between them.

Other notable event is the Heritage round where teams play a more traditional, old style game.

These events are always popular with sports bettors. In order to avoid queues and crowds at a brick and mortar bookmaker, simply register at AFL betting sites online and place your wagers on the day of the events at home.

High Stakes Finals Wagering

Sports betting sites don’t keep office hours and the odds of finding a bookmaker open on ANZAC day is very, very low.

The highlight of the AFL season is of course the finals. It features the top 8 teams taking part in a 4 week competition that culminates in the grand final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

Online sport betting means that you can both make wagers and still enjoy the game since it makes placing bets so simple.

Membership of an online betting site lets you access your account using your smartphone. You won’t be charged a fee or subscription for this service.

The software you need is offered free by the betting site to add even more value to your betting experience.

Available Unique Proposition Bets

For some great futures and proposition wagers you can look to the AFL individual awards that are handed out each season.

These awards include the Brownlow Medal to the fairest and best player, the Coleman Medal for the lead goal scorer and the Rising Star award for the best new player.

There are more awards and trophies related to these that make for some interesting wagering action.

Online sports betting often feature wagers with great odds on who will receive these awards.