For those looking to become better acquainted with the entertainment phenomenon that is online casino gambling websites and apps, is a great place to get started. Many hints and basic concepts are explained and explored in detail without coming across too technical or overwhelming. Basic concepts such as different casino bonuses, different game types and some strategy are discussed in great detail here. Luckily for us there are a great many fun things to explore in the digital world of online gambling nz casino.

Joining bonuses are a common method of attracting new members to online casinos and can come in a few different flavours. The most common type of joining bonus is the free signup bonus. This means that a player will sign up and then log into their account only to find free credit available to them. These credits can usually be bet for real money and will allow the player to start winning from the get go.

There is a slight technicality but it isn’t bad enough to detract from the player’s overall experience, which is that there is usually a minimum bet allowance that must be met before a player is allowed to cash out real money. This is usually stipulated in the terms and conditions of the website that are available for reading at any time should a player need to familiarize themselves with the rules at any time. This means that players will usually have to make additional deposits through the course of their playing to be eligible to withdraw their winnings. Luckily this is really easy to achieve, and also a lot of fun.


When additional bonuses are made in the beginning of a players account activation and signup they are often met again with another great bonus, the 100% bet bonus. Some vendors will include this as part of their welcome bonus to you while others include this as a separate bonus on its own. This is great news in either case as players are then able to make a deposit and essentially double their credits.

This is because the 100% denotes the bonus that the house will pay to you as a thank you for joining their website. It doesn’t end there though as players will find that the next deposit that they make will be at 90% followed by 80% on the next occasion and so forth. This is not a hard and fast rule and each online casino will have their own specifics in this regard so be sure to read those terms and conditions before you make a choice.

If you are more of a slot machine person then you may find that some free spins have also been allocated to your account. This is a fun way to get acquainted with the online games on offer, for free. Which is another great feature that online casinos are making more and more available: free play. This means that a player can try their luck on a free to play version of their favourites games. The no risk approach can be a welcome relief to players who just feel like blowing off some steam and having a good time while not having to think too much about their account balance.

What Is There To Play?

Anything that can be found in a real casino is generally available to players these days. That means all of your favourite slots, card games and anything else you could want can be found in these online casinos. This is a more interactive approach than traditional sports betting where a punter places a bet on an event and then has to wait for the race or game to start. Only then can the punter enjoy the process of placing their bet.

Online gaming at a web-based casino is a non-stop thrill ride of excitement and anticipation. From the minute the player starts on their favourite game they are able to see results in real time. This becomes even more exciting as things like progressive jackpots become bigger and the player’s chances of hitting the target become more and more likely. Some massive jackpots have been landed in recent years with a few millionaires being made in the process.

Black jack draws many card players to the table and is a crowd favourite with online players. It can be tricky trying to learn the best tactics when playing this classic game, and there have been countless books with different technique training and statistical analysis released over the years, it is quite involved. Another technically challenging but immensely entertaining game is poker. Various different poker derivatives exist but by far the most popular type at present is Texas Hold ‘em poker. This particular tournament form of the game drew massive spectators when originally aired on TV in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. It saw an even bigger resurgence with the relatively recent adoption of internet based gaming and casino gambling websites.

Safety, Security and Special Features

With the added multiplayer features present in many games available online there is little doubt that the format has become as good as the real thing, especially when one considers that large crowds and long travel distances are no longer a concern for those that have embrace the digital realm of online casino gaming. Instead, players are able to log in and play whenever it is convenient for them to do so.

Games are also available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for the night owls among us who may have different sleeping patterns to the rest of us and find that their optimal playing hours are in the wee hours of the morning. This is a great way for like-minded individuals to make each other’s acquaintance and find an online buddy to play with.

Payouts are also a concern for many players although they needn’t be. Online casinos have some of the most secure web based authentication and security protocols imaginable, which means that your account balance is as safe as is possible. All that is left for players to do is to logon, start playing and have fun.