One of the most popular sports betting activities to land in New Zealand, horse betting has taken both the physical and virtual world by storm, attracting an enormous amount of punters to each and every race that takes place.

Nowadays, punters from all over the country are in search of the finest international online sports betting sites that not only offer horse betting to those living in New Zealand but also offer the best betting options, odds, bonus deals, security and more. This will, of course, only come after players have a great understanding of the sport and how to wager on it.

Moreover, going in search for tips on horse betting is one of the most important things to do when getting started with this pastime, as it will ultimately maximise a player’s wagering and winning potential.

Understanding Wagers in Horse Betting

One of the best places to get started with horse betting in New Zealand, and around the rest of the world for that matter, is coming to understand the wagers that could take place in a single race which is quite obviously due to the fact that a firm grasp on the situation always allows for better, more informed decisions in the future.

The most commonly found bets and the ones suggested to beginners are Place and Win bets, which require a punter to pick the horse that they think will take the title, come in 2nd or 3rd and will utilise straight bet strategy. There are also some more complicated bets available for particular races, such as First Four Bets, Trifectas and Quadrellas.

Parlays, Doubles and Trebles can be used by punters that wish to place a few bets at a time, while there are also some extremely unique bets that can be utilised to gain some great rewards should they be successful.

Horse Betting Odds

Another aspect that is equally vital to consider in horse betting, is the betting odds that are in play for each horse, with them holding the ability to drastically maximise what a punter may win.

This is the reason that many are confused as to why they may not have won in spite of picking what appears to be the best or the right race, which is why some bring in some big rewards on a long shot bet.

Tips and Statistics

Punters that are looking to get the very best out of their horse betting experience are encouraged to keep up to date with online horse racing tips and statistics in order to know all there is to know about an upcoming race or a particular horse that they may have their eye on.

Punters will be able to gather correct information on the name of the horse and the jockey that is most favoured to win, as well as the odds on that particular horse, win or loss percentages, the track’s condition where the horse is set to race and the history of that horse too.

When all of this has been taken into account, Kiwi punters will be able to combine their standing knowledge of horse betting with these tips in order to reap the best rewards possible.