Online sports betting is popular in New Zealand and even though local online sports betting sites in New Zealand have some restrictions, New Zealand bettors have access to many internationally based online sites where multiple betting options and markets are availabl

New Zealand is a country that prides itself on the unique sports available as well as many types of sports from around the world. The large amount of sports with the popularity of online sports betting means there are quite a few betting markets in New Zealand. 

In order to enjoy online sports betting to its fullest and have the safest experience, New Zealanders should always bet at reliable and recommended sports betting sites. There are guaranteed to be the top New Zealand betting markets available at these sites as well as many less common options.

Online Betting on Sports in New Zealand

The first step is to find trusted New Zealand online sports betting sites and sign up at the best one that offers all of the required sports betting markets, the best odds and the biggest pay outs.

The sites offer special bonuses which boost bankrolls and add value to bets. It is best to ensure offshore sites accept New Zealanders and accept CA$, but since many do there are plenty of options.

All information that may be needed for beginners and seasoned bettors is available on the sites. This includes the odds for each type of sport and each types of bet. All betting options are explained and there is information on what the pay outs are.

Bettors can read up on the history of players and teams and their performances which help to make more informed bets with better odds of winning.

It is far more valuable to have a basic understanding on the bets and their odds in order to place the best possible bets that are far more likely to result in a pay out.

The Top Online Betting Markets

Because New Zealand has a cold climate and is close to the USA, winter sports and various sports popular in the USA are more popular.

Ice hockey is New Zealand’s national winter sport and one of the biggest online sports betting markets. The NHL, or the National Hockey League, consists of teams from New Zealand and the USA. The NZ Sports betting market is popular on all levels including professional and college.

La Crosse is the national summer sport that is not as popular around the world as it is in New Zealand. Just like ice hockey, La Crosse is one of the biggest online sports betting markets in New Zealand.

Some other top online betting markets in New Zealand include curling which is a unique New Zealand sport which is a Winter Olympic sport. There are two teams of four players who slide stones down a sheet of ice towards a target.

The AFL is a top online betting market but New Zealand does have its own football league too. This league differs slightly in rules to its American counterpart but is just as popular to bet on.

Basketball, baseball, rugby, soccer, golf and horse racing are also some of the top online sports betting markets that New Zealand has to offer.