The National Rugby League (NRL) is run by the Australasian Rugby League Commission with the focal point of this series being the Telstra Premiership.  The league is made up of professional rugby league clubs in Australasia.  The NRL is considered the world’s top ranking rugby league championship and is comprised of 16 teams, 15 from Australia and one from New Zealand.  The season runs from March to October with games being played in both Australia and New Zealand.  The season ends with the NRL Grand Final and is an extremely popular sporting event in Australia and New Zealand.

NRL Betting Strategies

Of course the most exciting aspect for many NRL enthusiasts is the betting. The anticipation of possibly winning a bet adds more excitement to the series.  Being armed with some good NRL betting tips will give bettors from all over New Zealand the opportunity to place well-informed wagers.  Understanding the basics of the game and having as much information on the teams as well as other factors will improve betting results.

Types of Bets

There are many websites offering great NRL premiership betting tips and it is definitely worthwhile reading these.  There are many betting options such as weekly wagers as well as premiership bets and of course for New Zealand players betting on their team to win the Grand Final.

Multi bets are also available to New Zealand bettors and are a combination of single bets which actually means that the bets are multiplied.  Multi bets are also known as parlays.  Many sportsbooks offering NZ sports betting tips will advise bettors that multi bets are a good way to increase the odds.

Sportsbooks will offer NRL betting tips which explain what all of the various bets entail.  The most common bets are single bets where bettors bet on which team will win a game or the NRL Grand Final.  Line betting also known as handicap betting is when the bookmaker handicaps a match.  An example of a handicap bet is if a team is listed with -5.5 points and the bettor places a bet on this team and the team wins with 6 points or more then the bet will be successful.  Margin betting is choosing the winning margin for a game.  These margins are set by the sportsbooks and will include extra time.

For New Zealand bettors the exotic bets are the most entertaining and include placing wagers on the man of the match, the first team to score, total match points, first and last man to score a try and many more.

NRL Statistics

One of the best NRL betting tips that New Zealand bettors can use are statistics.  By analysing these, bettors can look at the performance of a team in general as well as their performances against other teams.  Statistics will show a team’s short comings as well as their strengths.  Of course it may seem daunting when reading these stats, but there are many sites offering expert advice and these expert NRL betting tips will be the key for New Zealand bettors to make successful wagers.

Being armed with excellent NRL betting tips will make betting on the NRL a great experience with the chance for New Zealand bettors to enjoy some good wins.