A successful punter knows that choosing a winner is no easy task. In most cases, it all comes down to statistics and winning percentages. For example, if you were going to be online betting on a soccer match between Brazil and South Africa, the stats show that Brazil is the one to back. In the world of professional cricket, Australia has the honour of being the most successful team in cricketing history.

As a team, they hold the record for the highest ODI win rate, the highest Test win rate and the team that has won the most Cricket World Cups. This begs the question, is backing the Australian team a good bet?

Cricket World Cup

This all depends on who Australia is playing and what type of game is being played. Let’s start off with the Cricket Word Cup. As it stands, Australia have won the World Cup a total of five times and been runners up twice. This is a staggering statistic that no other team has come close to achieving. So without even looking at current performance, Australia would be your best bet going on statistics.

Test Match Stats

Now let’s look at test matches. Australia’s statistics range from a win ratio of 41.05% up to 100% depending on who they are playing. What we need to look for is a high win ratio over a large number of games when considering bets at https://onlinebetting.nz/cricket/. It is all good and well saying that Australia has a 100% win ratio over Bangladesh, but the fact is that they have only ever played each other once in a test match. Looking at the numbers, we can see that Australia has been most successful against Sri Lanka with 58.62% win ratio over 29 matches. On the other end of the spectrum, Australia’s lowest win ratio is against England with 41.05% over 341 matches.

One Day Internationals

With One Day Internationals, the stats look a little different. Australia’s lowest win ratio in ODI’s is against South Africa with a rate of 51.05%. In most cases, Australia have a strong win ratio against all the major cricket betting teams. This includes Zimbabwe with a staggering 93.1% over 30 matches as well as arch rivals New Zealand with a win ratio of 69.76% over 135 matches. If we look at Twenty20 matches, the numbers change again. While there are not as many matches to compare, we can see that Australia has the best stats against New Zealand and South Africa with a win ratio of 75% and 64.7% respectively.

Twenty20 Matches

On the other hand, it seems that Sri Lanka an India have advantage here with Australia winning only 38.4% and 30.76% of the time. If we put all this together we can get an idea of when we should be backing Australia and when we should be holding our bets. If Australia are coming up against Zimbabwe in the World Cup, we can be fairly sure, that Australia will win. However, a T20 match against India or a Test Match against England could go either way. Of course, this also depends on if the team is playing at home or away.