When it comes to rugby, New Zealand has proud reputation for always being one of the top teams in the world. Currently the All Blacks are ranked at number 1 in the world and have completed an epic run of undefeated test matches. In 2015, New Zealand won the Rugby World cup, becoming the only nation to win more than two titles at the prestigious event. The All Blacks are one of the most feared and revered teams in the world. This begs the question, is betting on the All Blacks a sure thing? We take a look at the stats.

Home Game Stats

Before punting the All Blacks on any rugby match, the first thing you should do is have a look at the historical evidence. For starters, we need to look at whether the men in black are playing at home or away. If the match is being played at home, you might be looking at a solid bet. Of the 552 games played at home, New Zealand have won 426 of them, giving them a winning percentage of 77 percent. So straight off the bat, this bodes well for the team.

Australia and South Africa

However, we need to look closely at the opposing team. Of the games that the All Blacks have lost, the majority have come from Australia and South Africa. France is also a team which has caused a few upsets. So even if the boys are playing at home, think twice about if the Australians are looking for a bit of revenge. On the other hand, teams like Canada, Fiji, Japan, Samoa Tonga and Italy have never won a game in New Zealand. While the odd upset does happen, chances are the online betting odds will be in favour of New Zealand as it is with Super Rugby betting odds.

Tour Stats

When we take a look at the tours and away matches, New Zealand’s winning parentage drops. This is understandable as the team does not have the home crowd to cheer them on. The team might also be struggling with jet lag or dealing with hectic training schedules that are preventing them from playing at their best. So automatically, we need to adjust our expectations. Let’s look at some of the stats. In the past year or two, the All Blacks have been on a bit of a winning streak. Even their tours have produced some impressive wins.

How This All Works Out?

In 2015 and 2016, the All Blacks lost a single match in their European tour and a single game in the 2015 rugby championship. Prior to 2015, the team played a few up and down games in the tri-nations, in the UK and in South Africa. Matches against the British and Irish Lions are also a bit of an unknown as they are played so seldom. So what this comes down to at the end of the day is if you are going to be betting on the All Blacks, make sure it is a home game and not against Australia, South Africa or France as you may end up a bit disappointed.